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machinelearning AI signalprocessing timeseries deeplearning neurosciences bigdata hmi bci
Japan, Tokyo Engineering Full-Time
1992 | Posted 2020-04-08

OVOMIND is a Deep Tech startup company specialized in the design and development of emotional detection API for wearables devices and related applications. In particular, Ovomind designed an Emotional API for smart bands allowing the user to collect his/her physiological data translated into human emotion features.

To date OVOMIND collects physiological data which are converted into an "emotion" indicator, resulting from a calculation via OVOMIND algorithm and represented using Real time API outputs. OVOMIND will propose a universal Cloud API for wearable devices and new generation of human machine interactions (HMIs 2.0). The goal: Change the society and add emotions as interactive data in your daily life. Playing with your emotions will be the first step in the revolution.

OVOMIND is hiring a team member joining the R&D team and in relationship with academical entities. our te...

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