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Japan, Tokyo IT Internship ¥2,000 - ¥2,500 / Hourly
3097 | rinna Co., Ltd. | Posted 2021-09-14
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Key Qualifications

- Demonstrated problem-solving and analytical skills.
- Notable interest in Information Security and/or Cybersecurity.
- Proficient, or able to gain proficiency with, a broad array of security software applications and tools.
- Thorough understanding of computer-related security systems including firewalls, encryption, and password protection and authentication.
- Currently studying a degree in Computer Science or a similar technical field or equivalent practical experience
- Proficient or willing to learn Microsoft Office (familiarity is a plus)
- Strong Interest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) is also a plus

- 問題解決能力と分析能力があること。
- 情報セキュリティやサイバーセキュリティに関心があること。
- 幅広いセキュリティソフトウェアアプリケーションおよびツールの使用経験。
- ファイアウォール、暗号化、パスワード保護、認証など、コンピュータ関連のセキュリティシステムを十分に理解していること
- コンピュータサイエンスまたは同様の技術分野で学位を取得しているか、または同等の実務経験があること
- Microsoft Officeに精通している、または習得する意欲がある
- 人工知能(AI)への強い関心もプラスとなります


- Develop employee Security Awareness training from scratch.
- Review violations of security procedures and take corrective action.
- Collaborate with employees to discuss computer data access needs and recommend needed policy or process changes.
- Monitor and restricts access to sensitive, confidential, or other high-security data.
- Perform risk assessments, audits, and tests to ensure proper functioning of data processing activities and necessary security measures.

- 従業員のセキュリティ意識向上のためのトレーニングを一から作成する。
- セキュリティ手順の違反を確認し、是正措置を講じる。
- 従業員と協力してコンピュータデータアクセスのニーズを話し合い、必要なポリシーやプロセスの変更を提案する。
- 機密性の高いデータへのアクセスを監視、制限する。
- データ処理活動や必要なセキュリティ対策が適切に機能するように、リスクアセスメント、監査、テストを実施する。
*All of the above mentioned tasks will be taught by the Security & Privacy Lead


Currently studying a degree in Computer Science or a similar technical field or equivalent practical experience

Language requirements
- English: Business level
- Japanese: From N2 and N3 level (Business Level preferred)


This role is planned to be an Intern to Full Time Opportunity based on the intern's performance.

Working Hours

In principle, 9:00 to 17:30 (including 1-hour recess) / Flexible working time available
*Anytime Interns will be working hourly to allow flexibility while prioritizing their studies.


Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, and other days designated by the Company

Location Details
Location (Address)
Shibuya, Shibuya Scramble Square (リモートワーク可能)

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Job by
rinna Co., Ltd.

rinna Co., Ltd. is an AI company founded in 2020 by a spun-off team that was conducting research on AI chatbots in Microsoft's AI & Research division. A "sympathetic chat model" in which AI automatically generates conversational sentences according to the context and naturally talks with people using deep learning technology, and a "speech synthesis system" that enables AI to express rich emotions with spoken and singing voices. We have announced technology for drawing images from text that applies GAN (General Adversarial Network).

Our latest technologies involve the popular AI Chatbot "AI rinna" on LINE and other Ai Characters that are all being applied and used for Corporate Marketing.

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