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Japan, Tokyo Consulting Internship ¥1,500 - ¥2,000 / Hourly
2641 | rinna Co., Ltd. | Posted 2021-09-16
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rinna is an AI development company established in June 2020 as a spin-out from a team that had been researching AI chatbots in Microsoft's AI & Research division. Utilizing deep learning technology, rinna has announced a "sympathetic chat model," in which AI automatically generates context-sensitive conversational text for natural conversations with humans; a "speech synthesis system," in which AI can express rich emotions through speech and singing; and a technology that draws images from text by applying GAN (General Adversarial Network). These latest technologies have been developed by our company.

These latest technologies have been applied to the development of "AI Rinna," an AI chatbot on LINE operated by our company, and "AI Character," an AI chatbot with customized conversational content and voice expressions to give it a character, which is used for corporate marketing and other purposes.

rinna社は、MicrosoftのAI&リサーチ部門でAIチャットボットの研究を行っていたチームがスピンアウトして2020年6月に設立したAI開発企業です。ディープラーニング技術を活用し、AIが文脈に応じた会話文を自動生成して人間と自然に会話する「共感チャットモデル」、AIが話し声や歌声で豊かな感情表現を可能にする「音声合成システム」、GAN(General Adversarial Network)を応用したテキストから画像を描く技術などを発表してきました。



- Expansion of AI model creation support service in line with functional expansion of AI chat service for enterprises
- Studying additional functions of the AI chat service for enterprises and collaborating with the product team
- Analyze customer issues and propose solutions for enterprise AI chat service.

- 企業向け AI チャットサービスの機能拡張に伴う AI モデル作成支援サービスの拡充
- 企業向け AI チャットサービスの付加機能の検討とプロダクトチームとの協業
- 企業向け AI チャットサービスにおけるお客様の課題分析とソリューションの提案


Language requirements
- English: Business level
- Japanese: From N2 and N3 level (Business Level preferred)

Working Hours

原則として9:00-17:30(休憩 :12:00-13:00)


Week-ends, National Holidays, Holidays set forth by the company

Location Details
Location (Address)
Shibuya, Shibuya Scramble Square

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Job by
rinna Co., Ltd.

rinna Co., Ltd. is an AI company founded in 2020 by a spun-off team that was conducting research on AI chatbots in Microsoft's AI & Research division. A "sympathetic chat model" in which AI automatically generates conversational sentences according to the context and naturally talks with people using deep learning technology, and a "speech synthesis system" that enables AI to express rich emotions with spoken and singing voices. We have announced technology for drawing images from text that applies GAN (General Adversarial Network).

Our latest technologies involve the popular AI Chatbot "AI rinna" on LINE and other Ai Characters that are all being applied and used for Corporate Marketing.

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