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1957 | LVMH Japan Group | Posted 2020-03-17
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Loro Piana is a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of the finest quality textiles, ready to wear, accessories and custom made garments. Our focus has been the highest quality of our products and services, and we keep making effort and progress.

We are going through an exciting new challenge in the Japanese market today with the renewal of the brand image and positioning.

In this role, you will be responsible for the achievement of the sales targets among the Stores in his/her area. Manages and monitors the Stores activities in order to maximize sales, improve KPIs, guaranteeing accurate cost management and excellent service to clients.
Guarantees also a regular presence in the Stores of his/her competence collaborating with dept. stores and shopping malls in order to actively support the Store Manager and Store Team

If you are an open, flexible and adaptable person with strong organizational and administration skills, this position will be a great match for you!

Key Qualifications

• Relevant previous work experience in Retail
• Aligned with the Brand identity, detail-oriented, with strong coaching, communication, leadership, and management skills
• Passion and high motivation for Loro Piana products and Brand
• Deep knowledge of the clothing and luxury history
• Strong computer skills and ability to work effectively with Microsoft Office and Outlook; SAP Retail experience preferred
• Business English, both spoken and written; other languages are a plus


Report to: Retail Director
Manage: Store Manager, Sales Associates

Sales Management
• Is constantly informed on the luxury world, Loro Piana’s competitors and shares his/her knowledge with Store Team and HQ
• Is responsible, in his/her area of responsibility, for the stores' economic result, guaranteeing the proper client management and development and the impeccable respect of Loro Piana’s brand image
• Shares annual and monthly business objectives with the Store Manager and assures follow-up proposing and implementing eventual corrective actions in order to support/increase sales even by using the synergies among Stores (e.g. sharing clients, etc.)
• Constantly monitors, through KPI analysis, the stores of his/her area of responsibility, identifying the under-performing ones and implementing corrective actions to improve their performance (e.g. anticipate new season with Visual and Buyer support)
• Constantly informs the Team about Loro Piana’ s “Selling Excellence” importance, guaranteeing their coaching and consequently assuring an adequate client service level

Client Management and CRM
• Supports the Store Manager by mapping the principal clients (in particular the TOP 100) and follow-up with them
• Supports the Store Manager in the clients' portfolio development, focusing on the Top Clients, with whom promotes and develops relationships together with the Store Manager
• Is responsible for the process implementation and the activities related to the CRM project (database alimentation, guaranteeing the achievement of KPI targets)
• Eventually proposes opportunities regarding in-store activities for his/her area of responsibility, coordinating with the competent Functions and keeping himself/herself constantly updated regarding the market and the reference competitors
• Communicates and shares with Store Team the actions to hold towards the clients in case of particular requests, substitutions, etc. and personally intervenes, upon the Store Manager request, in case of necessity

Store Team
• Constantly effectuates scouting activities in order to guarantee an immediate response to needs related to personnel turnover and/or new openings in order to have a regularly updated picture of the people working in the reference market
• Assures the implementation of the Induction Program for the newly hired and supports the training organization in the store, coordinating with the HQ Retail Excellence Function
• Defines the Stores' Succession Plan in his/her area of responsibility, cooperating with the reference HR Functions, guaranteeing and monitoring the implementation of the individual development plans
• Is responsible, with the Store Manager support, of the creation and maintenance of a positive environment in the stores, to encourage Team cooperation and reduction of personnel turnover
• Checks that the Team grooming is adequate to the Brand’s identity
• Is responsible for the development of a cooperative and efficient network in his/her area of responsibility, assuring a constant dialogue among the HQ, the Store Manager, the Store team, the Operations, the Visual Merchandisers and Merchandisers, through the organization of periodical meetings
• Is responsible for cooperation with the Store Manager, for the necessary disciplinary actions with the support of the reference HR Manager
• Is active in the definition of performance review for the Stores of his/her area of responsibility to be presented to his/her Manager in strong collaboration with the reference HR Manager
• Is constantly active in the application of the legislation regarding hygiene, safety and health conditions of the store in line with company policies, cooperating with the HR Manager and the competent HQ Functions
• Supervises and verifies personnel planning of the stores of his/her area of responsibility, guaranteeing proper management of holidays, extra-hours, etc., adapting them to the affluence of clients
• Is responsible for the achievement of satisfying results from the Net Premotor Score and the Mystery Shopping activities, through continuous training and Store Manager and Team development

• Encourages the Store Manager to identify and to propose suggestions to ameliorate and increase the product performances in order to achieve the company objectives
• Cooperates with Merchandisers to obtain a correct product mix for his/her area of responsibility, in order to maximize the potential stock and achieve the sell-through targets
• Takes care of items transfer requests of the stores in his/her area of responsibility

• Guarantees, cooperating with Visual Merchandisers, the implementation and maintenance of the Visual installations, following Central Visual guidelines
• Actively collaborates with Visual Merchandisers and the Store Managers to define the Visual priorities on the basis of the store needs, continuously monitoring the results

• Supervises the Visual feedbacks, regarding his/her area of responsibility, for the Visual installations and Tools, in order to guarantee a proper collaboration with the Central Visual Function

• Is responsible for the Team awareness on the importance of an adequate accuracy and management of luxury products both in terms of value for the Company and of preparation to the sale
• Is responsible for the implementation of all policies and procedures regarding product management (shipping, stock management, handling, etc.)
• Assures and monitors the stocks organizational standards (layout and product positioning) in the Stores of his/her area of responsibility, defined by the Stock Taking
• Is responsible for the achievement of stock control targets aligned to the company guidelines (Flash Count Inventory, Stock Taking Audit)

New Openings Coordination
• Monitors the advancement of “New Openings” projects and promptly signals to the competent Functions eventual anomalies and/or lacks
• Gathers and manages the various operative requests (IT, Administrative, etc.) sorting them among the different company functions
• Collaborates with Merchandisers in the drafting of product orders and shipment planning and, cooperating with Central & Local Visual, coordinates the preparation of the sales location
• Monitors and participates to the personnel Recruiting process, cooperating with the reference HR Manager
• Personally guarantees, with the support of the Store Manager, that all procedures and activities for the store-opening are successfully brought to completion

• Communicates the company policies to the Store Team and assures their correct application
• Assures an internal and external impeccable image of the Stores in his/her area of responsibility, promptly intervening when necessary, supporting to Retail Director and the competent HQ Functions (Store Planning)
• In coordination with Administration communicates & manages eventual missing products
• Verifies the correct implementation of the security procedure (management of store keys, guaranteed security of the safe, etc.)
• Provides monthly qualitative and quantitative reports to the Retail Functions


Since founded in 1924 in Italy, Loro Piana has been working with the best raw materials available on earth for six generations. We are always trying to find new ways to get the utmost quality for fabrics and garments that can last more than a lifetime. We control every stage of production for the utmost quality, from the collection of the natural fibers, right down to the delivery of the finished products to retailers.

We believe that "luxury is quality with no compromise. It's not the price, but the innate value of something."

The Finest materials:
Also, know as "fiber of the gods" because it is the rarest, the finest animal fiber in the world, comes from a small Andean camelid. Vicuna was being designated as an endangered species because they had been poached by people who were attracted by this beautiful fiber. In 2008, Loro Piana established the “Reserva Dr. Franco Loro Piana”, Peru’s first private nature reserve. In just five years the number of animals in the reserve has doubled, confirming the significance of Loro Piana’s contribution to saving this precious animal from extinction. Today Loro Piana is the world’s number one processor of vicuña, the finest fiber that can be legally obtained from an adult animal. Once spun and woven, the vicuña is entirely crafted in Italy.

"The Gift of Kings"
Wool, the oldest natural fiber is known to man, has been taken to an exceptional level of fineness and quality. Measuring only 12 microns, this wool is finer than cashmere, as light as vicuña and only available in extremely limited quantities: around 2,000 kilos a year compared to the 500 million kilos of fiber auctioned annually in Australia and New Zealand, home to the world’s best wool.

"World Record Bale"
Loro Piana acquires the world’s finest wool. The record-breaking wool is an incredible 10.3 microns fine.
Every year Loro Piana purchases the finest bales of wool from Australia and New Zealand to create exclusive fabrics.
The record bale represents the very finest merino wool and is used by Loro Piana to exclusively create 40 bespoke suits.

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