Project manager for global information services/企画・開発プロジェクトのプロジェクトマネージャ

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Japan, Kanagawa IT Full-Time ¥3,500,000 - ¥7,000,000 / Annual (Bonus & Benefits Included)
3926 | NIDRIVE K.K. | Posted 2022-04-05
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NI DRIVE uses AI technology to provide database-centric information services based on global-scale data lakes and other databases.We are looking for a project manager (data scientist) to plan and develop the platform for such information services as follows

NI DRIVEは、グローバルスケールのデータレークなどのデータベースを基盤をとするデータベース中心の情報サービスをAI技術により実現します。今回、次のとおりこのような情報サービスのプラットフォームの企画、開発を行っていただくプロジェクトマネージャを正社員として募集いたします。

Key Qualifications

Required Skills
●  Advanced IT technology equivalent to the following advanced information processing engineers
[project manager] [IT service management] etc.
●  Project management ability equivalent to PMP qualification * 2
*2 Project Management Professional (PMP)®

[Required conditions]

● Having interest in realization of digitalized society aim to improve people’s life average and mind of solves problem on its own in global environment
●  The team management skill and Communication skill ability in Japan and overseas
●  The Service planning and Proposal capabilities
●  The ability to lead project efficiently by sharing information, exchange of ideas and collaboration with project stakeholders
●  Experience of building large-scale information systems and project managers.
●  IT skill Standard ※ Ability equivalent to 1 level 4
※Skill standards set by the Information-technology Promotion Agency (IPA)


● グローバルな環境で社会全体のデジタル化により人々の生活水準の向上をめざす情報サービスの実現に強い関心をもち、自ら課題を解決していくマインド
● 国内外を問わないチームマネジメント能力、コミュニケーション能力
● サービス企画、提案力
● プロジェクトのステークホルダーとの情報共有、意見交換、協働により効率的にプロジェクトを主導できる能力
● 大規模情報システムの構築、プロジェクト責任者等の経験
● ITスキル標準(ITSS)※1レベル4相当の能力
※1 独立行政法人 情報処理推進機構(IPA)の定めたスキル標準


● 以下の高度情報処理技術者相当の高度IT技術
● PMP資格*2相当のプロジェクトマネージメント能力
*2 Project Management Professional (PMP)®


Bachelor's Degree

大学卒: 学士号
大学院卒: 修士号/博士号


[Welcome Condition]

●  Experience of planning, developing and operation for Information system and IT service
●  Work experience in packaging, SaaS market research, fit & gap analysis, etc.
●  Work experience in project using public cloud
●  Practical experience of a project utilizing service design thinking
●  Work experience of data base manager


● 商用の情報システム、情報サービスの、企画、開発、運用経験
● パッケージ、SaaSの市場調査、フィット&ギャップ分析等の実務経験
● パブリック・クラウドを活用したプロジェクトの実務経験
● サービスデザイン思考を活用したプロジェクトの実務経験
● データベースマネージャとしての実務経験

Working Hours

9:00-18:00 (1 hours break)
20 hours over time is included


Compensation and Benefits

●Salary increase-review once in a year
●All transportation expenses paid
●Full social insurance
●Position allowance
●Performance based bonus

年収 350万円〜750万円



Full weekends off (Saturday and Sunday)
●National holidays
●New Year vacations
●Summer vacations
●Paid vacations *100% of employees take paid vacations.
●Leave before and after childbirth
●Childcare leave
※However, due to business reasons, the above holidays may be changed to work.

・有給休暇 ※取得率は100%です

Location Details
Location (Address)
〒 210-0004 Kanagawa, Kawasaki ward, Kawasaki, Miyamotocho 7-1. 6F

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"N I DRIVE is a TOKYO based Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) consultancy and Engineering solutions provider helping Japanese businesses achieve their objectives through AI. "

N I DRIVE offers Digital technology consulting and services focused on IOT, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics & Cognitive Automation, Cloud Enablement, Mobility and other Emerging Technologies. As we work across different industry segments, we build solutions that help them start the digitalization journey by transforming businesses through adoption of new technologies and processes.

N I DRIVE is a TOKYO based Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) consultancy and Engineering solutions

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