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日本, 東京都 マーケティング / PR / 広告 インターンシップ 0円 - 0円 / 年収
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概要 is a growing HR Tech start-up in Japan. We are looking for a Social Media Intern to join our growing team. This role will be responsible for planning and executing the company’s social media content development strategy, working across key social media channels such as YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We are offering undergraduate and graduate students a stimulating and hands-on marketing experience within a condensed 10 to 12 week period (with possibility of extension or conversion to full time). We work in a startup atmosphere where individuals take ownership and have significant impact on the business and the corporate image of our organization. If you have a venture mindset and are one of those people interested in innovating and making a difference, you came to the right place - please contact us.


The ideal applicant should possess strong knowledge of the digital media landscape, and should have experience in:
- Digital content production
- Video and Audio editing software (FinalCut Pro, Garage Band or similar software)
- Photoshop, Illustrator or other photo editing software
- LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube
- Google Adwords and Analytics
- SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
- Degree in communication or media related studies
- Japanese fluency required
- English business level


The successful candidate will be responsible for building and monitoring the content strategy of the company, creating and posting engaging content on the company's blog and on its social media channels and, drive traffic to the website and keep our users engaged.

Other tasks involve:
- Developing content calendars on a weekly and monthly basis
- Monitor analytics to identify most performing channels and content type.
- Assist in the general distribution of press releases and media alerts


- Energetic, curious and solution focused
- Solid organization and prioritization skills
- Excellent presentation and communication skills
- Strong team spirit and integrity
- Ability to work independently, detailed oriented and result oriented
- Bring value and make a difference in everything that you do
- Represent HirePlanner in a professional and responsible manner at all times when communicating with others both inside and outside the company


- Flexible working hours (20 hours / week minimum)
- Possibility to work from home (or anywhere within Japan Time Zone)


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