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OVOMIND is a Deep Tech startup company specialized in the design and development of emotional detection API for wearables devices and related applications. In particular, Ovomind designed an Emotional API for smart bands allowing the user to collect his/her physiological data translated into human emotion features.

To date OVOMIND collects physiological data which are converted into an "emotion" indicator, resulting from a calculation via OVOMIND algorithm and represented using Real time API outputs. OVOMIND will propose a universal Cloud API for wearable devices and new generation of human machine interactions (HMIs 2.0). The goal: Change the society and add emotions as interactive data in your daily life. Playing with your emotions will be the first step in the revolution.

OVOMIND is hiring a team member joining the R&D team and in relationship with academical entities. our team is growing and seeking bright individuals eager to be a part of the journey



The following minimum qualifications are required for the position:
Experience with C++, C# and Python
Experience with developing data analytics and machine learning models using Python, C++, or another relevant language.
Experience or course work in the areas of signal processing or statistics
Experience in Time Series and signal processing and visualization (Pandas, seaborn, Matplotlib etc.)
Experience with the multimodal machine learning
Experience with machine learning, signal processing, or filtering algorithms
Collecting and combining data from multiple sources
Analyzing data using mathematical/statistical methods
Experience with analyzing time series data from sensors
Evaluating, documenting, and communicating research processes, analyses, and results to customers and leadership


Day-to-day responsibilities include:
Researching new real time data processing algorithms and analysis techniques for bio signals and acceleration sensors data exploitation for emotion recognition.
Designing and developing tools and techniques for analysis.
Exploit data-sets using machine learning techniques to extract signals processing features.
Develop denoising algorithms for bio signals.
Developing proof-of-concept data exploitation tools.
Testing, validating, and tuning analysis tools and algorithms and provide reports.
Characterizing quality/performance of algorithms and sensor systems.
Supporting code transition to real-time automated implementations (Dev Kit).
Provide requirements for algorithms Cloud Deployment with IT partners.



An advanced degree in the physical sciences, mathematics, engineering, or computer science
Proficient in predictive modeling:
Linear and Logistic Regression
Tree based techniques (CART, Random Forest, Gradient Boosting)
Time-Series Analysis
Bio signals Analytics
Experience with Big Data tools for machine learning
oral and written communication skills in English language are mandatory
Chinese will be a plus

Ability to understand and apply verbal and written work and safety-related instructions and procedures given in English
Ability to communicate in English with respect to job assignments, job procedures, and applicable safety standards
Develop supervised (regression and classification) and unsupervised (e.g. clustering and segmentation) models
Ability to influence decision makers and drive consensus


Experience or background in neurosciences is a plus.
Experience with large analysis data-sets
Working knowledge of privacy preserving machine learning techniques.


As a Deep tech startup, OVOMIND offers room for growth and a flexible, technological and research environment. We work daily to develop a leader industry solution and cloud API to revolutionize Human Machine Interactions. Be a part of the revolution and join our team.

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