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Exciting Opportunity to join STH Japan!

STH Japan (STHJ) was established as a joint venture between JTB Corp. (JTB) and STH Group and is the exclusive hospitality provider for Rugby World Cup 2019 (RWC2019), Japan.

Our programme offers VIP level access and treatment at the third largest sporting event in the world (after the Olympics and FIFA World Cup), the biggest global sporting event in 2019 and the very first RWC in Asia.
This is a historic event; the eyes of the world will be on Japan.

We provide an opportunity to savour this world class experience from the finest seats in the stadium, with fine dining and access to luxurious private VIP experiences included.

On 2nd November 2017, STH Japan was awarded “Best UK / Japan Partnership” at the British Business Awards (BBA) hosted in Tokyo at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo.
The awards recognise British innovation, entrepreneurship, business success and social contributions in Japan.


• Japanese – fluent
• English – fluent

Additional attributes:
• Outstanding communication skills - both oral and written
• Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook
• Familiarity with using technology for translation / interpretation
• Strong administrative and organisation skills
• Good inter-personal skills (team player)
• Excellent time keeping and able to meet deadlines
• Able to work calmly under pressure
• Dedicated
• Meticulous – attention to detail
• Proactive and adaptable

An interest in sports would be beneficial.


Acting as a liaison between two parties, the interpreter / translator is to facilitate communications on behalf of STH Japan. This can include helping understand documents and information given out by 3rd parties and assisting the completion of forms and paperwork or answering questions or addressing concerns. It’s required that the interpreter / translator develop and maintain knowledge of STH Japan’s culture and strategic plan to be aware of any sensitive issues that may arise.
Daily Interpretation / Translation work load Admin %
• 50% of total work will be consecutive interpretation
More common in smaller meetings and discussions, the speaker will pause after each sentence or point and wait while you translate what's being said into the appropriate language. Working with company President and Commercial Director

• 30% of total work will be translating documentation
Interpreters also translate written communications which can include anything from documents and forms to meeting notes, emails and presentations. It’s important that they effectively communicate the meaning of the text and maintain its core message.

• 20% of total work will be administrative support to company President
Providing administrative and research support including coordinating travel and accommodation requirements along with minute taking at meetings and any other administrative task to support the company head.


Job Responsibilities
• Translate messages, live speeches, voice recordings and documents into Japanese/English, with careful attention to providing proper context, meaning, tone and technical wording
• Identify terms and words with conflicting meanings to determine which alternative provides clarity and reflects the original purpose of the message
• Verify, modify and edit translations to compensate for discrepancies in technical terms and to guarantee that the final content is consistent with original material
• Collaborate with colleagues to compile helpful information, including terms and definitions, into an organized glossary for regular reference during the translation process
• Consult dictionaries, encyclopaedias and terminology compilations to remain educated and current with the meaning of words and phrases
• Honour outlined ethical codes to ensure sensitive and confidential information remains secure and protected
• Analyse audience members and listen to debriefings on what materials will be translated, to best assess how to present interpreted data
• Document changes to translated materials, and maintain an orderly method for filing data for reference later on
• Administrative support as required
• Other roles as neccesary





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