Hollister Medical supply logistic cordinator Japan ーSCM /Top share of ostomy care/

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日本, 東京都 サプライチェーン 正社員 5,000,000円 - 6,500,000円 / 年収
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株式会社ホリスター - Hollister  Medical supply logistic cordinator Japan ーSCM /Top share of ostomy care/

The purpose of this position is to support all inventory and logistics related activities within the Japan business units. You will be responsible for the efficient and effective coordination of all Logistics activities including, Supply planning, Purchasing, Imports, Local Freight, Deliveries, Stock keeping and Sample Room Coordination, as well as relevant administrative activities as required by the Operations team.


• Number of Overall Years Necessary: 2-5
• 3+ years’ experience in logistics management a must. Especially in the medical device industry or SCM related organizations
• SAP / ERP experience a must
• Salesforce experience would be a plus
• Proficiency in Microsoft Excel
• Inventory maintenance experience a plus
• Ability to work well in a fast-paced environment


• You will support the logistics manager in coordinating the transport and storage of products and materials
• Understand the goals / strategies and execution plans of the company and be able to act and contribute independently.
• Communicate appropriately with internal and external stakeholders, including the Global / Regional Team, 3PL, etc.
• Optimize logistics operations, including managing 3PL
• Optimize logistics costs
• Make continuous improvements, work with managers and team members to implement new strategies and initiatives.
• Thorough compliance with Medical Devices Act and others.
• Directs and manages 3PL for all warehousing operations such as warehousing, shipping, returns, distribution processing, and inventory management, and implement improvements.
• Build processes so that storage and transportation meet internal and external (quality) requirements.
• Ensure all the standard and sample orders are shipped on time.
• Create and Manage PO for sample room inventories
• Set-up and maintain sample room items on ERP system to meet high service levels
• Check and maintain accuracy of records on ERP systems
• Coordinate for any requirement related for Finished goods and Samples (GTIN/labels/boxes)
• Monitoring and managing inventory levels in sample area and finished goods area.
• Review vendor /Intercompany invoices with errors and coordinate a quick resolution
• Tracking Local Shipments, Imports & Exports. Ensure shipping information is updated on ERP system
• Coordinating with global supply planning & DC logistics teams to ensure orders and containers are shipped on time
• Coordinate with Global QA in the event of an issue with quality and complete requested actions/reports.
• Preparation of reports for management team
• Management of backorder communications to internal stakeholders
• Update and maintain procedures and work instructions to reflect current practices.
• Administrative duties within logistics area
• Provide stable and sustainable services to internal and external customers.
• Perform Quick Troubleshooting and Corrective Action for Issue.
• Participate / lead in various projects and contribute to the success of the project.
• Internal and external audit support.
• Other ad hoc duties as required
• Adhere to all safety standards, regulations, laws, and policies


• Diploma or Degree in Supply Chain field preferred


Essential Functions of the Role

• SAP User
• Proficiency in Microsoft Office and logistics software
• Physically fit and able to lift and move heavy packages and objects
• Data entry accuracy and attention to detail
• verbal and written communication skills (Japanese/English)
• listening skills (Japanese/English)
• problem analysis
• problem solving
• customer service orientation
• organizational skills
• initiative
• adaptability
• teamwork
• stress tolerance
• resilience
• persuasiveness
• negotiation skills


9:00-17:15, Flextime with core time of 10:00-15:00


※Salary will be decided depending on experience.
※Annual bonus is paid every March.

Other benefit
Maternity/Child care /Family care leave, Group life insurance, Zaikei-Chotiku(財形貯蓄), Training assistance program (English etc), Flu shot support


• Saturday, Sunday and National holiday,
• Annual paid leave (10 days in first year, prorated depends on start date)
• Flexible paid leave (3 days)
• Year-end holiday (Dec 30-Jan 3)
• Company fandation cay (1day in June)
• Sick leave
• Condolence leave etc...

※During probation period, the number of annual paid leave can be taken witin 3 days.

2-2-8-21F, Higashi Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku Tokyo JAPAN

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Hollister co. Ltd.,





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