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People are our success, and we are committed to being a good employer. By providing a fun, creative and dynamic workplace, we all grow together.

Our approach is shaped by a strong respect for each individual. This applies to every aspect of the employment – from fair wages, working hours and freedom of association, to equal opportunities for growth and development within the company. Being a good employer is particularly important in countries where laws and regulations fall short of our own standards and requirements.

We have a strong ethical approach. This means that we take a clear stand against discrimination and harassment wherever we operate. Our workforce possesses great diversity in terms of age, gender and ethnicity, all of which are great assets for our company. Equality is very important to us.

Since we are constantly growing, we’re always on the lookout for talent – for every area of the company. Join us in an inspiring, fast-paced, exciting and ever-changing environment where your career possibilities are endless.

We believe in our people, and always encourage new ideas and initiatives. Along with training and leadership guidance, there’s no end to the potential for a successful, and global, career within H&M. Our goal is for a job at H&M to be more than just a job – it’s the beginning of a career full of opportunity.


What You Do as Construction Project Manager:

◎Successfully complete projects in line with set KPI’s (time, cost & quality).
◎Lead, manage and organize construction projects with a high level of professionalism and according to company policies, standards and local legislation.
◎Coordinate construction projects from start to finish (design intent, site survey, value engineering, risk assessment, budget setting, time planning, permits, ordering of M&E, design, tendering, construction follow up, hand over to facility & final invoicing) for H&M & other brands of the Group.

Your Responsibilities:

◎Routines, Policies & Guidelines

- Secure that routines, policies, guidelines and legal requirements in the country are followed at all times
- Secure value engineering and value planning on each step of the project process
- Secure that contractors and partners are working in line with the Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct
- Organize regular meetings with business partners & reinforce the importance of our policies and overall expectations
- Secure that the stores are built in line with the general/local building specifications, instructions & interior specifications
- Update IPS and project folder structure regularly and secure correct project administration
- Secure that Health & Safety requirements are in place and followed
- Check INSIDE on a regular basis and work in line with the latest updates/instructions/guidelines
- Secure internal routines and strengthen communication between departments in respect to particular projects’ planning/execution

◎Profit & Loss
- Use value planning in all processes, lower costs but maintain high quality
- Secure investment budget and follow up on both Net & Gross investments
- Relate profit/loss and added value to own work
- Focus on customer value and take responsible & cost conscious decisions
- Secure detailed research & preparation for budgets according to the 5 Step Process
- Optimize project planning in order to minimize, installation, labour and other project related costs
- Follow up on the payment of Landlord contributions
- Check review & approve invoices in a timely manner in order to avoid penalties
- Ensure invoices are reflecting the contractual amounts and that payments are made according to invoice schedule
- Show an interest in the business results of the company and take actions tom minimize costs
- Demonstrate strong negotiations skills and improve contractual & financial conditions
- Conduct annual checks on contractors financial stability
- Secure that forecasted figures are matching actuals & final invoicing of projects in IPS
- Optimize planning and follow up tools, drive improvement actions and share best practice with colleagues
- Support the Construction Manager in selecting contractors and local suppliers according to procurement guidelines.
- Organise work, meetings and travels in a cost-conscious way
- Keep the Construction Manager updated on the progress of the construction works and financial development of the project
- Understand change orders & their origins, challenge them and provide alternative solutions. Create an action plan to avoid these in the future.

◎Financial transparency & follow up
- Follow up on invoices and payment schedules according to contracts and change orders
- Manage internal database and project handling tools
- Run projects in line with routines and secure financial transparency for all projects
- Ensure invoices and contracts are handled according to approval limits & Power of Attorneys
- Prepare/supports CM and CC with budget & target settings
- Follow-up, revise and approve invoices according to investment accounts, contracts and payment schedules
- Keep project budget within forecasted figures and challenge change orders if they occur
- Update IPS on a regular basis and ensures correctness of the information for the monthly meetings
- Secure that there are no discrepancies between forecasted & actual figures in IPS. In case of discrepancies crosscheck figures with accounting department.
- Secure accurate cost follow up and invoice handling for M&E
- Run internal project audits after the opening of the store
- Secure that project documentation is in place and saved according to guidelines

◎Tendering & Contracting
- Partner with construction manager and construction controller in order to determine budgets, conduct tenders, evaluate bids and select contractors
- Prequalify new companies on a regular basis according to PQQ guidelines and secure a solid pool of contractors
- Tailor the unit price list to country needs/specifics and secure optimal level of details
- Run tenders for architects, engineers, consultants, contractors and suppliers in accordance with procurement instructions under supervision of the construction manager
- Evaluate tender results (together with CM & CC) and formulate your recommendation in an Office Memorandum to the management.
- Review contracts and secure that project/country specific risks are covered; secure that execution and payments schedules are attached and that the contracts are signed according to approval rights
- Ensure that contracts and/or appendixes to frame contracts are signed prior work commencement
- Follow up on contractual milestones and notify contractors in case contractual obligations are breached
- Conduct regular evaluations of contractors to ensure improvements in efficiency, cost and quality
- Through solid cooperation with department management secure transparency of the tender process and secure that partnerships are revised at least once per two years.

◎Design, Execution & Logistics
- Ensure that the stores are designed & built in line with the general/local building specification, guidelines & interior specifications
- Follow up on the construction process and secures deadlines & quality standards
- Manage the design process & the preparation of the technical documentation (execution drawings) in order to ensure conformance with guidelines, instructions, GBS, local legislation, security standards & our sustainability efforts
- Develop solutions which ensure a long life cycle of the stores
- Act as a contact person between the design team, contractors & LL’s representatives
- Liaise with consultants and authorities in order to receive all necessary permits
- Implement the LEAN way of working
- Manage the hand overs process with landlords & contractors
- Ensure that all interior needed for a project is ordered and delivered on time
- Coordinates on time deliveries (Pick & Pack) between split point and store, together with the Onsite Resp. /NCG Resp. according to onsite request.
- Follow up on the construction process through regular site visits & secure that the right materials and solutions are used
- Complete meeting minutes, follow up on H&S on site and the punch list with the contractors
- Ensure compliance with project documentation, time schedule and quality demands. In case of discrepancies sets up an action plan and secure deadlines.
- Challenge, document, report and get approval for Change Orders
- Ensure on time completion of all works
- Hand over to facility department all needed documentation
- Provide feedback to management, head office and interior purchase connected to M&E and logistics
- Execute Quality Score Card together with Facility Responsible and provide feedback to Global Construction in reference to outcome

◎Drive & Initiative
- Show strong initiative, drive towards goals, try new things & constantly improving efficiency
- Work well autonomously and handle problems with creativity and with minimal guidance
- Set high quality standards against which to compare your work and the work of others
- Propose new technical solutions in order to improve time, cost and quality
- Provide alternative solutions and feedbacks to Store Planning and Global Construction
- Share Best Practice with colleagues
- Support the construction manager with the research and implementation of constant innovation in the department

◎Plan, Organize & Inspire
- Work well autonomously and handle problems with creativity and with minimal guidance while maintaining a good balance between long and short-term planning
- Identify new areas for learning & take decisions keeping the big picture in mind
- Identify and organize needed resources for the projects
- Prioritize and delegate effectively in order to be able to deal with multiple projects / task simultaneously
- Plan activities / projects well in advance and maintain balance between long and short-term goals
- Work according to the LEAN methodology
- Proactively monitor possible business risks and act on them
- Follow up against deadlines and milestones
- Manage tasks efficiently and ensure that work is done in line within organizational objectives
- Show passion and enthusiasm in daily work
- Recover quickly from set-backs & inspires others to achieve goals
- Acts as a role model for our values and shares knowledge with others

◎Teamwork & Communication
- Work closely with team members and with other departments in order to secure alignment of goals and priorities
- Secure that relevant information is conveyed to other departments in time and in a structured way
- Reach out to other departments on a regular basis, give/request feedback in order to identify improvement areas
- Secure steps and processes as described in the “5 Step Process”
- Encourage commitment to excellent quality in work
- Secure a good communication between contractors, construction department and stores
- Show open minded and flexible approach in daily work and towards challenges
- Recognize the limitations of others and help them to deal with challenging circumstances
- Provide sustainable and clear direction to On Site Responsible




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