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DIGITOMENU is the food tech subsidiary of DOKOJAPAN K.K.; providing tech tools for food owners enhancing their customer experience. In other words, we provide a software application digitizing menus in restaurants through QR Code technology : www.digitomenu.com.

Founded in 2020, DIGITOMENU helps restaurants struggling to get customers back at their tables during the pandemic crisis. Our mission is to propose them an easy tool to create their digital menus, and to get extra visibility and SAFETY for their customers. DIGITOMENU is also a way to be engaged against COVID 19 while taking action for SUSTAINABILITY by reducing consumption of plastic/paper menus in Japan. We are also working on ACCESSIBILITY by providing multiple foreign languages for restaurants' menus and highlight of food diversity for people with special diets.

As a fast growing start-up, we look for ambitious, creative and bold talents to join an evolving food tech company all across Japan. DOKOJAPAN K.K. is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace, deeply rooting for values of openness, integrity, and transparency. We hire talented and passionate people of all backgrounds, and we believe in welcoming and supportive work culture where everyone belongs and can make an impact.


DOKOJAPAN(ドコジャパン)株式会社のフードテック部門であるDIGITOMENU(ディジトメニュー)は、飲食店オーナーの皆様に向け顧客体験を充実させるツールを提供しています。具体的には、QRコード技術を活用し飲食店のメニューをデジタル化するソフトウェア・アプリケーションを提供しています。 www.digitomenu.com




Please feel free to apply even if you’re not checking all boxes. We would love to hear from you and your experiences.

- You have a clear and proven experience in similar Sales/Business Development positions, with strong achievements at leading expansion projects.
- You have a strong understanding of the restaurant and food business environment, and what’s needed to lead DIGITOMENU to success in Japan. (Experience in Startups, Tech and SAAS industries a strong plus).
- You have excellent business sense & exceptional communication skills, you are also familiar with tough and long negotiations.
- You have a creative thinking with the ability to spot new and innovative ways of solving sales challenges and pushing through to execute brilliantly.
- You are comfortable with change and pivot. We are a growing Startup and we want to grow with you.
- you are comfortable in working with people from different cultural backgrounds and in different time zones.
- You are proficient in Excel and comfortable with complex sets of data.
- Native Japanese speaker (or equal level). You are also fluent in English (or have enough notions to be able to communicate easily on a daily basis with DIGITOMENU's CEO and team)





- Convert an existing portfolio of top priority restaurants and deliver clients satisfaction and business growth, as well as identify new strategic prospects with the highest business potential.
- Build an effective operational strategy to approach them.
- Approach, negotiate with and convert these strategic leads into DIGITOMENU new clients.
- Onboard, educate and follow up on new and existing clients to ensure them the best experience possible with DIGITOMENU.
- Adapt, improve and build tools and processes, working hand-to-hand with DIGITOMENU’s CEO and Marketing/Operation Team with the constant aim of improving clients’ satisfaction.
- Identify key improvements & blocking points for potential and current clients, design solutions hand-in-hand with DIGITOMENU’s CEO and Marketing/Operation Team, and monitor their implementation and adoption.




You will work on a Flex Time schedule on Weekdays. You will be the one responsible of managing your schedule between Business meetings and office presence.



- A competitive salary with attractive perks (Laptop, Mobile Phone, Transportation covered by the company)
- The opportunity to join a fast growing food tech company with an international mindset
- The opportunity to create an impact in the digitization of Local Business and to take action for a sustainable future.
- The challenge to be our very first Business Development Manager in Japan with the career opportunity to grow as our future Regional Sales Director in Kyushu within a year.
- In 3 years, you’ll be able to say “I was there in the early starts”



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