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Hello there! We’re gugu, a startup of social entrepreneurs that wants to bring good sleep to Japan and beyond. Currently we are selling mattresses (in-a-box, direct-to-consumer) but in future we want to be the first point of contact for anyone wanting to improve their lives through the power of good sleep.

We’re a commercial business, not a charity or non-profit. But we want people to sleep longer and better, never mind whether on our products or on others. We believe as a business we will be doing well by doing good. And that’s our purpose as a company: to fight for good sleep.

When it comes to sleep, Japan is the world’s worst performer, averaging 6h per night, 1h too short according to sleep experts. Sleep is being frowned upon in Japan, carrying a stigma. Japan needs an awakening to the awesome power of good sleep and gugu wants to make that happen.

Please have a read through our good sleep manifesto which gives you a better idea what gugu wants to achieve.


You have a knack for numbers, whichever form they come: structured, unstructured, across platforms. Ideally, you have several years experience dealing with data and the BI tools to do so, from Excel to Python, Tableau, R and others. You might have explored data for your own business or for an organisation. You’ve used platforms like Google analytics to improve advertising campaigns and their performance. To make things easier, you’ve designed dashboards so your team has easy access to information.

But most importantly, you are genuinely interested in extracting insights from data and sharing your learnings with others. You like to play in a team and enjoy seeing your findings being put to good use in real life.

You are used to collaborating with others and joining efforts. You feel comfortable within a startup environment which can be chaotic and unstructured. You counter that by focusing on getting things done. And of course, you are generally a nice person!

If the above tickles your interest, we should have a chat! If our description doesn’t fit you 100%, don't worry. At gugu, we like to meet people and explore how we can work together. So, don’t be shy and drop us a line! One never knows where the journey brings you. Speak soon!


= Data - the way to better sleep =
We are looking for an experienced data analyst who can help us in our mission to bring better sleep to Japan. On one hand, this relates to our marketing where Google Analytics, Shopify, Facebook Ad manager and other marketing data sources come into play. On the other hand, we want to understand people’s sleep pattern and behaviour and collaborate with 3rd party entities who are knowledgeable about sleep in Japan. Ultimately, you’d be helping all of us make better decisions based on data, whichever question we need to answer.

= Who we are looking for =
We are looking for someone who wants to become our go-to person for any data-related questions, be it eCommerce, social media, brand-related questions or about people’s sleep.


Other Traits
・Energetic, curious and strong sense of purpose
・Good communication skills  in both in English and Japanese (speaking/writing)
・Strong team spirit and integrity 
・Ability to work independently and flexibly, detailed oriented and result oriented  
・Enjoy start-up phase and building things out with the team as company grows


9am-6pm *flexible hours
Possible to work from home


Full-Time (Perm with 6 month probation period)
・Various Social Insurance Securities
・Commuting Allowance


・Holidays: Saturdays, Sundays, Public Holidays
・Annual Leave
・Other special leaves (Year-end, Marriage, Condolences etc.)


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gugu Sleep Company

better sleep better you!