Senior product designer/manager – Native Japanese, conversational English

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We’re looking for an experienced digital product expert to lead and grow the product design and management side of our team. This would suit a candidate who has a number of years of experience working on UX and strategy for a variety of web and mobile products for clients or startups.


We care more about portfolio than qualifications.


While UI design and software development skills would be beneficial, the core responsibilities of this position would lie at the UX, strategy and design direction end of the UI/UX spectrum. Working within budgetary constraints to ideate, validate and prioritize product features, running innovation workshops, conducting user studies and other macro level UX roles that lead to business growth are a top priority, and should be demonstrable in your portfolio.

The ability to be a key public facing member of the studio by forming connections in the Japanese and international design, technology and startup communities and introducing potential clients to the studio is also a huge bonus.


For highly experienced candidates with a history of exceptional performance in helping to grow an agency such as Tacchi, opportunities to become an equity-holding partner in the business are available.

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