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Next Level provides Sales Development and Digital Marketing services to foreign companies wishing to maximize their Japanese, Korean or European opportunities.

What We Do

Next Level provides a wide range of Sales Development and Digital Marketing services to foreign firms desiring to maximize their Japan and Korea opportunities. Our European office, based in Paris, offers similar Sales Development services to companies willing to enter France and Europe.

To say we're Customer-centric would be an understatement. Our team of Sales Consultants and Marketers acts as our Clients' own Sales and/or Marketing team, implementing their strategies to generate or grow revenue from these markets. We help our Clients be successful in these regions without the need to invest in a full-fledged structure.

What it’s like to work at Next Level

We may not be as big or famous as Apple or Google, but we do have flex time, free coffee and cold drinks like bigger California-style companies. ;)
Even though we mostly work for different Clients, we share a lot of experience, best practice, and solutions to the challenges we face. That allows us to bring more value to our Clients, as well as improve our own knowledge and skills.

“Work Smart, Play Hard” is our CEO’s motto, and outside of the office, we enjoy time together during events such as our yearly Summer Campus (last year was in Okinawa^^).

Acquire High Value Experience

We have two main types of positions:

Our Sales Develoment opportunities consist in acting as our foreign Clients’ local sales force. Our Sales Consultant positions will improve your skills of problem solving, negotiation, international trade, and the highest standards in business development. Positions in Digital Marketing will allow you to work for great brands, gain experience on a variety of media, helping you become a sought-after expert in digital.

Grow and Learn Different Things

Next Level's Clients are almost all global, well-known market leaders. For team members, that’s an opportunity to acquitre valuable experience working with global counterparts in various parts of the world. And the diversity of our Client base will likely enable you to experience working with several Clients and makets.

Our Tokyo Office
1-15-16 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
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Next Level Japan K.K.
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