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Tree House Bonsai is a Bonsai Garden in Ami city, Ibaraki, owned and operated by Adam Jones, the only westerner bonsai professional established in Japan. Tree House Bonsai is a destination for nature lovers. We are creating a unique experience where everyone can discover the art of Bonsai, immerse themselves in the power and aesthetics of nature and relax in a beautiful environment.

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Choosing to work at Tree House Bonsai is a long term commitment. We are looking for people to join the operations of the garden who recognize that working with trees is a world of patience, dedication, passion and respect for nature. At Tree House Bonsai we deal with state of the art masterpieces which need daily attention to strive. We welcome students willing to perfect their skills and visitors enjoying a walk in our unique garden. Apply, come and meet Adam at the garden when you feel ready to apply your skills to you passion.

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1228 Wakaguri, Inashiki-Gun Ami-Machi, 300-0333
Jobs by Tree House Bonsai
Ibaraki 茨城 sales B2C B2B Bonsai 盆栽 Nature english VirtualCareerEvent
Japan, Ibaraki
Sales B2C (Retail)
¥200,000 - ¥250,000
Tree House Bonsai
4431 | Posted 2024-02-22

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