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Technical Product Management Technical Product Manager PM System Management Project Management Product Manager Product Management VirtualCareerEvent Sales engineer
Japan, Tokyo Other Full-Time ¥7,000,000 - ¥9,500,000 / Annual (Bonus & Benefits Excluded)
5535 | Posted 2023-09-20

rinna株式会社は 「人とAIの共創世界」(Co-creation world between humans and AI) をビジョンに掲げた AI企業です。テキスト・音声・画像・動画などの生成系AIモデルの研究開発や人工知能によるデータ分析が強みです。研究成果である各種AI技術を活用し、パートナー企業とともにさまざまなビジネス課題を解決するソリューションの開発と提供に取り組んでいます。


Technical Product Management Technical Product Manager PM KPI Data System Management Project Management Product Manager Product Management VirtualCareerEvent philippines Remote Work
Philippines, Metro Manila Other Part-Time (Contract) ¥150,000 - ¥150,000 / Monthly
5538 | Posted 2023-09-11

rinna Co., Ltd. is an AI company whose vision is to realize a "Co-creation world between humans and AI." Our strengths lie in our research and development of generative AI models for text, audio, images, videos, etc., and data analysis using artificial intelligence. Utilizing various AI technologies resulting from research, we are working with partner companies to develop and provide solutions to solve various business issues.

The main responsibility of the Technical PM in this position is the development and management of one of rinna's global products that highly focuses on TTS (Text-to-Speech) and Video Editing Platforms. Our mission is to understand the needs of the market and support it with corresponding generative AI solutions that are responsible, reliable, and relevant.

Finance Director finance finance manager Head of Finance Accounting Manager StartUp Artificial Intelligence Industry Career Event
Japan, Tokyo Accounting / Finance Full-Time ¥8,000,000 - ¥10,000,000 / Annual (Bonus & Benefits Excluded)
5184 | Posted 2023-04-24

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スタートアップのFinance Directorとして、会社の財務プロセスを一から磨き上げることに興味を持つ方を求めています。

Reporting directly to the COO, Oversee the overall financial situation and advise on the direction of the company from a financial perspective.
Use your work experience to monitor, maintain and improve the company's financial activities.
Cooperate with other top managers (HR, Legal) and maintain the company's rules to ensure that the company's finances comply with the law.

As a Finance Director for a startup, we are looking for someone interested in honing the company's financial processes from the ground up.

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