The following Terms of Service represent the official Terms and Conditions of and the services it provides. is a service provided by WENOtech Co., Ltd (the "Company"). This document constitutes a legal and binding contract (the "Agreement"). By signing up to this website, you (the "Candidate" or "User") agree to be legally bound by the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement for the time being. If you do not agree with all the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement, please refrain from accessing (the "Website") and using its service (the "Service"). You will be granted access to the Website and its Service only with the understanding that you accept to follow and respect all of the Terms and Conditions listed below.

THE SERVICE functions as an online job application system (also more commonly referred to as Job Board) aimed to support job applicants during their job search and designed to facilitate and simplify the process of applying for a selected company and role. will provide job seekers with online solutions such as (but not limited to): - Access to HirePlanner.comユs network of hiring companies - Dedicated profile pag - Customisable resume and career details section - Simple online application process - History of your applications and job search process and moreノ


The User must be 20 years old or above.


When signing-up with, you shall agree to provide us with the following personal information: - Email Address - User ID and Password - Full Legal Name: - Gender - Phone Number - Address - Language Abilities (Japanese, English etc.) - Education and Career Details

Any personal information to be provided to us must be true and the User shall keep it updated.

Any notice from or the Company shall be made by sending email to the email address with which the User provides us or by posting to the Website. The Company shall not be responsible or liable for any disadvantages which may be caused by the failure or delay of updating the above information.

The Userユs account and access privileges are exclusive and limited only to the User (one single ID and one single password per user). No Login ID or password to access should be transferred nor shared at any time with any other individual or third party. The User shall be responsible for taking all the necessary precautions to maintain the security of his/her account login ID and password and the accuracy of the content which the User manages within his/her account. The User agrees that the Company cannot and will not be held liable for any eventual damage or loss of data resulting from the failure to comply to such security obligation.

The User using the Service is also responsible for all the content (and its accuracy) it creates and manages on the Website (including but not limited to User Name, Full Legal Name, Gender, Contact Details, Education and Career Details, Language Abilities, Computer Skills, Cover Letters, Personal Notes etc.)

The User is also responsible for ensuring that all of the content he/she manages a) is free from false information or from offensive, religious, libelous, defamatory, pornographic or illegal nature, b) should not infringe any intellectual property rights from another third party or c) should not violate any laws or regulations.

The User is also responsible for managing and maintaining its devices, equipment, and any other facilities necessary for accessing the Website or using the Service and the User will do its best to ensure its communication and access to or through the Service shall be virus-free.

Failure to oblige to those terms may constitute a breach of contract and may result in instant termination of the User's account.

The User acknowledges that the Employer (hiring company advertising on (hereinafter, including such companyユs recruiting agent) may also be unsubscribed from the Service without any notice to the User even after the User submits application to or commences communication with the Employer.

The Company will not take any responsibility for the content produced, managed or advertised by the Users. The Users of (job seekers) agree to take full responsibility for the accuracy of the content which he/she manages on the Website and shall take all necessary precautions to ensure it is in compliance to the laws, regulations and legislations of the relevant jurisdictions, should he/she decide to use the Service outside of Japan. The Company makes no warranty that the Service may be accessed, used or copied lawfully outside of Japan. The User must not, in using the Service, violate any laws, break confidentiality of any kind, create fake profiles, copy illegally the siteユs concept, content and coding, use it as the Userユs own or resell it to any third party as an independent label, and/or hack any parts of the Service and its features. The User must not transmit any worms or viruses or any form of code of a destructive nature or that attempts to automatically gather information from the screen.

Should any suspicious activity occur, the Company may choose the right to change, limit, suspend or discontinue the total or partial access to the Service at any time. Also, the Company may terminate the Service to any User whom it considers inappropriate. Any additional tool or features that may be added onto the Website as part of the Service are also subject to this Agreement and its latest terms and conditions.


The Company will do its best to ensure the Service is available to its users twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. There may be occasions when the Service may be temporarily interrupted in order to perform various tasks such as upgrades, maintenance, debugging, testing and/or not limited to possible emergency repairs. The Company will take all the necessary steps and precautions to ensure our Users endure as little inconvenience as possible.

While all reasonable measures have been taken to ensure the Service shall be virus free and available at all times, no warranty is given that the Service is free from any and all contaminating files or possible downtime, and the User agrees that the Company shall not be held liable in this respect.

Similarly to the above, while the Company has been taking all necessary measures to store safely the Userユs personal data, no warranty is offered in respect to any loss or damage of such data.


The Company reserves the right, at its discretion, to modify the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement at any time. The Company will inform its Users of such possible changes by posting a notice on the Website or by sending an email notification. The Users of shall be responsible for reviewing and becoming familiar with any of such modifications to the agreement. Using the Service after reviewing such notification constitutes the Userユs acceptance of the latest terms and conditions of this agreement.


Shall a Candidate decide to apply for a job on, the Candidate must agree to share its personal details with the Employer. The Candidateユs data will only be shared by the Company with and can only be accessed by those Employers the Candidate applies for. The Candidate understands that the Company has no control on how the Employer will manage its personal details and therefore agrees to follow the privacy policy offered by the Employer once he/she has applied to their job vacancy. Even after the User terminates the Service, the personal data which was shared by the Candidate with the Employer through the Website will be accessible by the Employer as long as we retain such personal data as provided in our Privacy Policy and the Employer continues subscription to the Website for the Employerユs record of job applications. Further, the Employer may retain such personal data even after the Service is terminated. It is the Employer's responsibility to share with the Candidate its privacy policy. The Candidate agrees to not hold liable the Company if/when the Employer was to fail to meet any of the necessary privacy regulations.

The User using the Service agrees to not hold liable the Company for any effect their content or the interpretation of their content may have on other users of the Website. The User acknowledges that has no control over the content that is created or accessed via the Website. The User therefore agrees that the Company is not responsible to take any action on such content. The User (job seekers) remains solely responsible for the content they maintain and create on the Website.

This Service is a mere platform. The User acknowledges that the Company does not control the Employer nor has it any commitment to the Employerユs decision to hire or not to hire a User. The Services are not services to establish employment relationships between Employers and Candidates or candidates referred by the Agent ("External Candidate"). Also, the User will communicate with, negotiate with, and be employed by the Employer on its own risk. The User using the Service agrees to not hold liable the Company for any act, omission, neglect or default of the User. The Company is not liable or responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever incurred to the User which arises from any act, omission, neglect or default of the Employers. and its Service are provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis and we make no warranties of any kind with respect to the Website, the Service, its content or accessibility. The Company and its executives, directors and employees will not be held responsible or liable for and not limited to a) any of the content contained in or accessed through the Website, b) any possible unauthorized access, c) un-accessibility of the Website, d) loss or damage of data and e) copyright infringement etcノ

The User also agrees to not hold the Company and its executives, directors and employees liable for any issues or challenges that may result from any temporary or permanent suspension, modification or lack of availability of the Service and its content.

The Company shall not be liable for any failure or delay in the performance of the Service for the period that such failure or delay is due to causes beyond its reasonable control, including but not limited to acts of God, war, strikes or labor disputes, embargoes, government orders, natural disaster or any other form of force majeure events.


The Company and the User represent to each other that they do not fall under an organized crime group, a member of an organized crime group, a person for whom five years has not yet passed since they ceased to be a member of an organized crime group, associate members of an organized crime group, a company associated with an organized crime group, a corporate extortionist (sokaiya), a group engaging in criminal activities under the pretext of conducting social campaigns, a crime group specializing in intellectual crimes, or anti-social forces equivalent to any of the foregoing (hereinafter collectively called "Anti-Social Forces"), and further represent that they do not conduct any of the following acts and covenant to each other that they will not fall under any of the foregoing or conduct any of the following acts in the future: - Engaging in a relationship with a party whereby it can be deemed that its management is controlled by Anti-Social Forces; - Engaging in a relationship with a party whereby it can be deemed that Anti-Social Forces are substantially related with the management thereof; - Engaging in a relationship with a party whereby it can be deemed that it is unlawfully using Anti-social Forces for the purpose of achieving an unlawful benefit for itself or a third party or for the purpose of damaging a third party; - Engaging in a relationship with a party whereby it can be deemed that it is providing funds or any facility to Anti-Social Forces; or - Officers or any other persons who are actually involved in its management are engaged in a relationship with Anti-Social Forces that may be socially condemned.

Each of the Company and the User covenant to each other that it shall not, by itself or through a third party, conduct any of the following acts: - Making a violent request; - Making an inappropriate claim for a remedy in excess of legal responsibility; - Using insulting words or behavior or engaging in violence concerning transactions; - Damaging the credibility or obstructing the business of another party by disseminating false information, or by using fraudulent or forcible means; or - Other conduct similar to the foregoing

If either party is a member of an Anti-Social Force or falls under any of the items provided in the first paragraph or has conducted any of the acts set forth in the preceding paragraph, or has provided false information with regard to the representation and warranty made under the first paragraph, the other party may immediately terminate this Agreement or Service by way of providing a written notification. In the event of any loss being incurred by the other party due to this termination, the terminating party shall not be responsible for any such damage which has arisen from such termination, but the terminated party shall be responsible for such damage.


This Agreement shall commence upon the completion of your account registration by signing up. This Agreement and the Userユs access to the Service will remain until receives an official request to close the Userユs account or until the Company terminates the Agreement.

The Company may terminate this Agreement anytime by way of giving three (3) monthユs prior written notice to the other party.

The Company may also immediately terminate this Agreement in whole or in part without any prior notice requesting rectification if any of the following occurs to the User: (i) the User breaches this Agreement; (ii) the User is deceased or loses a legal capacity; or (iii) the User has not been active on the Service for more than five (5) years.

The User is solely responsible for properly cancelling its account and subscription to The User can terminate or cancel his/her membership at any time online or by contacting one of the Companyユs account representatives. Once the termination of the Userユs account is confirmed, his/her data will not be retrievable passed cancellation. Shall the User wish to use our Service again in the future, he/she will need to re-register a new account with a new Login ID and password providing the Website with his/her data of every category required for the sign-up again.

The Company and its suppliers retain all rights in the Service and Content of the Website. This Agreement grants no ownership or rights of any kind to the User. The name, logo, product names, service names and other form of branding associated with the Website, whether or not such rights are registered, are trademark of the Company or its third parties and may not be used without our prior written consent.

With the exception of the content and data created and managed by the corporations using the Service to advertise their career opportunities, the Company remains the sole owner and proprietor of all other information and content created or gathered on this Website including but not limited to text, data, information, graphics, designs, photos, illustrations, audio and video files, testimonials, registered profiles from employers, agencies and candidates, recruiting tools, sourcing code, and other form of content created for or via the Website.

Any suggestions or ideas for the improvement of made by the User, unless specifically disclosed under a confidentiality agreement, shall not be treated as confidential or deemed as the Userユs Intellectual Property Rights.


Please refer to our Privacy Policy which covers the usage of personal information on the Website and in connection with the Service, and to which the User agrees to be bound as a condition of this Agreement and use of the Website and the Service.


The Terms and Conditions of this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Japan without regards to conflicts of law provisions. Any eventual dispute or claim that may arise from or in relation to this Agreement shall be submitted to Tokyo District Court for the first instance which has the exclusive jurisdiction.