Midokura - Site Reliability Engineering - SRE Solution Engineer - Mid Career

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日本, 東京都 IT 正社員 7,000,000円 - 15,000,000円 / 未選択
3391 | ミドクラジャパン株式会社 | 投稿 2021/11/18
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ミドクラジャパン株式会社 - Midokura - Site Reliability Engineering - SRE Solution Engineer - Mid Career

You will be responsible for the development of a software platform (Edge AI Platform) that utilizes AI and Sony's image sensors. Edge AI Platform development consists of AI application development that utilizes Sony's image sensors, software platform development (EVP: Edge Virtualization Platform) that integrates image sensors, devices and cloud, and cloud service development (SCS: Smart Camera Service) that controls camera devices and AI applications.
The Edge AI Platform development consists of the development of AI applications using Sony's image sensors, the development of a software platform that integrates image sensors, devices, and cloud (EVP: Edge Virtualization Platform), and the development of a cloud service that controls camera devices and AI applications (SCS: Smart Camera Service). In particular, you will be responsible for the development of the Smart Camera Service, which controls devices and AI applications using EVP.


• Experience and leadership in a position such as pre-sales engineer, solution engineer, application development engineer, IT architect, SRE, DevOps engineer
• Knowledge and experience with large scale infrastructures of 100nodes or more, virtualization, containers, middleware, Kubernetes, etc.
• Experience with Python and Java development
• Experience developing in multiple cloud environments (Azure, AWS, GCP,
etc.) is preferred.
• Experience in R&D development utilizing open source is desirable.
• Experience in developing systems using IoT platforms is desirable.
• Experience in development using CI/CD is desirable
• Experience in operating cloud services is desirable.
• Ability to understand English to communicate an email/Slack is desirable.
Technical communicable English conversation skills are a plus.
• Must live in Japan and be able to have business conversations in Japanese


• Requirements analysis and architecture study for Smart Camera Service
• Leading the development team to commercialize the Smart Camera Service
• Confirmation of operation of development deliverables and source code

DevOps Activities
• Maintain a continuous integration and delivery platform
• Containerized platform operations


Solution Architect/SRE Activities
• Participate with the product manager in the SSS requirements analysis, enriching the discussions to get a deep understanding of the customer expectations, advising if needed to facilitate the definition and execution of the features through formulating the right technical requirements and recommendations.
• Work with multiple points of contact to ensure smooth communication between the different stakeholders at SSS and Midokura during the process of feature definitions.
• Handle proof of concept deployments, training, and support after releasing to ensure the fulfillment of expectations from SSS.
• Contribute to excel the product documentation providing feedback to the related stakeholders (Product Manager and Technical writer) in order to meet SSS expectations.

国 / 地域
Sony Office in Tokyo or Remote

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