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5129 | RealCRO | 投稿 2023/04/17
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RealCRO - Advertising Manager

RealCRO is a Tokyo-based brand marketing agency specialised in Conversion Rate Optimization.
Our vision is to encourage brands to achieve ethical performance by creating reciprocal opportunities.

Because we believe that "Together Everyone Achieves More", we are building a team which can bring global perspective and local knowledge closer together.

We work with performance-driven & experience-focused clients across all industries looking to enhance their customer experience with thought-provoking and engaging branded content.

Join us and contribute building a fun and flexible culture that relies on trust, respect, smart work and passion.

We are planning to hire an experienced bilingual advertising manager to join our team.

Your core responsibilities will be to design media trading plans, set up, manage & optimize campaigns, report on status & results and suggest optimizations that can generate marginal gains and new potential strategies to maintain presence and achieve growth.
We are now expanding our in-house capabilities in exciting new ways across:

1- Digital marketing
2- e-commerce & Website development
3- SMM & influencer marketing
4- Software development
5- UX/UI design
6- PR
7- Advertising


You are a creative advertising strategist who strives to connect messages with audiences.

You master the art of effective communication and your time management and organizational skills enable you to juggle multiple tasks effectively.

You understand how to call-to-action and target the right audience on the right channel with the right message at the right time but you do not confuse voicing out information with spamming.

You manage user data the same way you expect yours to be handled with appropriate care and professionalism and you are so comfortable with campaign management and analytical tool that most of your attention is focused on optimizing user experience.

1- Native Japanese level with excellent written and verbal command
2- Business level English
3- Team player
4- Excellent communication & priority management skills
5- Adaptable and able to function well within a highly dynamic environment, and can bring much needed stability and discipline
6- Able to remain calm under pressure
7- Capacity to treat others the way you expect to be treated
8- Highly effective at preventing conflict
9- Willingness to solve problems & create reciprocal opportunities is a must


1- To plan, execute and oversea campaign strategy
2- To set up and manage campaigns both online & offline
3- To select & collaborate with reliable partners on niche activations
4- To optimize media investments and campaign results to meet projected goals, budgets, and timelines.
5- To support with designing & rolling out campaigns that add user experience & brand value
6- To monitor project progress, from planning to execution
7- To conduct research and gather and analyse data
8- To forecast & report on status & progress and suggest improvements and new strategies both internally and with clients
9- To perform other related duties as assigned
10- To support functions necessary for project delivery and completion


Come as you are.
We recruit people not resumes.
Degrees & past experiences are great but attitude is even more important.
We welcome all self-aware and self-driven human beings looking to constantly enhance themselves, work as a team and create reciprocal opportunities.
Google, Meta and marketing automation tools certifications or DSP management experience is a plus.


Why RealCRO?

We look to create an environment where people can unit in diversity and which allows for individual and collective development.
We also believe that mistakes aren't mistakes unless we repeat them and that "Individually, we are one drop but together, we are an ocean.” Ryunosuke Satoro




We offer trust, stability and collective intelligence to those who make these things reciprocal.
We take care of each other.
Transportation, insurance, lunch, bonus are taken care.
Exciting projects can always translate to entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial opportunities for those who want to create reciprocal opportunities with us.
We do not measure time but progress and outcomes instead so hybrid work is possible.


Normal and case by case for special requests

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2-16-1 #903 9F New Shinbashi Building Shinbashi

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