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日本, 東京都 経理 / 財務 正社員
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▼Job Purpose
This role supports the continued development of Mazars Japan group, expanding its presence very rapidly in Japan on those business areas such as one-stop Accounting/payroll Outsourcing, Tax, Financial Advisory and Audit Services.

Internal finance as a team, ensure compliance of the Mazars entities with Japanese regulation, provides mindful business information to the Managing partner and the business lines above and manages reporting to the Mazars group. The team further manages and optimizes costs, cash and billing. It is an essential function to the good functioning of our organization.

Your position will be the Finance Manager in those tasks and report to Head of Finance.
You are an extremely organized individual, passionate with optimization of process. You can motivate and empower your team with proper delegation but do not shy away in getting hands on. Your strong service orientation makes you the perfect partner for the business lines.


▼Person Specification (Mindset, Qualification and Experiences required as below)
・5 years+ Accounting experience
・Japanese language as native level
・Business level on reading & writing English
・Independent with ownership on responsibilities, and Self-starter
・Passion for optimization, Eager to learn
・Experience on statutory tax filings and liaison with tax accountants

Nice to have
・Hands-on accounting experience at SMEs
・Business level on speaking English
・Working under multi-cultural or foreign affiliated company
・Working at professional service firm
・Experiences on ERP (NetSuite)
・Strong PC skills


▼Key elements of the role
(Examples. But not limited to with consideration on candidate’s experiences)
・Responsibility and accountability on all financial reports on 4 service lines and 6 legal entities at Mazars Japan group
・Project management of improvements in accounting functions including systems, procedures such as setting up internal control policies and monitoring, and tax matters.
・Budget and Forecast
・Year end closing and statutory tax filings
・Supervise and train subordinates
・Controlling (AR optimization, WIP review, project profitability review)
・Business partnering with each service line leaders (Partners)
・Working and collaborating with other departments such as HR and general administration, and APAC offices to support the roll-out and implementation of Mazars Group reporting/management tools and rules.
・Summarize monthly results for the presentation to each service line
・Perform fluctuation analysis and profitability analysis


▼Educational background
・Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent)


Mazarsは、監査、会計、アドバイザリー、税務、法務サービス* を専門とした国際的な統合パートナーシップです。世界の95以上の国と地域で活動し、47,000人以上のプロフェッショナルの専門知識を活用し、あらゆる規模のクライアントを支援しています。 *適用される国内法により認められている地域のみ。

1992年に設立され、日本では30年以上の経験を培ってまいりました。以来、Mazars in Japanは、外国人投資家および日本企業、世界各国のクライアントに対して、監査、税務、アウトソーシング、アドバイザリーサービスを提供する点で主要な役割を果たし、今日では、日本におけるトップのプロフェッショナルサービス・ファームとして認知されています。現在、15名のパートナーのリーダーシップのもと、19国籍の200名以上のプロフェッショナルを擁しています。

▼About Mazars
Mazars is an internationally integrated partnership, specializing in audit, accountancy, advisory, tax and legal services*. Operating in over 95 countries and regions around the world, we draw on the expertise of more than 47,000 professionals to assist clients of all sizes at every stage in their development.
*Where permitted under applicable country laws

Established in 1992, we have over 30 years of experience in Japan. Mazars in Japan has played a key role in providing audit, tax, outsourcing and advisory services to clients from all over the world including foreign investors and Japanese companies. We employ more than 200 professionals across 19 nationalities under the leadership of 15 partners. Today, Mazars in Japan is recognized as one of the top professional services firms in Japan.


09時 15分 ~ 18時 15分
Flextimeあり、Coretime(10:30 - 16:30)

国 / 地域
Tokyo, 東京, 日本

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Forvis Mazars in Japan

Forvis Mazars(フォーヴィス マザー)は、世界をリードするプロフェッショナル・サービス・ネットワークで、比類なきクライアント・エクスペリエンスを提供し、世界中で監査・保証、税務、アドバイザリー、コンサルティング・サービスを提供するというコミットメントを共有しています。