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日本, 東京都 デジタル / WEB / Eコマース / CRM 正社員 5,000,000円 - 6,000,000円 / 年収
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RealCRO - IT Engineering Manager

RealCRO is a Tokyo-based brand marketing agency specialised in Conversion Rate Optimization.
Our vision is to encourage brands to achieve ethical performance by creating reciprocal opportunities.

Because we believe that "Together Everyone Achieves More", we are building a team which can bring global perspective and local knowledge closer together.

We work with performance-driven & experience-focused clients across all industries looking to enhance their customer experience with thought-provoking and engaging branded content.

Join us and contribute building a fun and flexible culture that relies on trust, respect, smart work and passion.

We are looking to hire a programming leader to join our organisation, a builder interested in helping us find & develop effective digital solutions to enhance RealCRO business.
Your core responsibilities will be to plan, manage and develop web products & softwares to help RealCRO & clients to digitize their operations and brand experiences.
We are now expanding our in-house capabilities in exciting new ways across:

1- Digital marketing
2- e-commerce & website development
3- SNS & influencer marketing
4- Software development
5- UX/UI design
6- PR
7- Advertising


An organized and reliable leader with a real passion for finding solutions and building digital tools & platforms.
Someone who dares to empower others to do develop with passion, method & confidence.

The ideal candidate is a critical thinker who uses effective communication to optimize team efficiency.
This person also needs to know how to leverage collective intelligence to create a pleasant environment for everyone to enjoy delivering together.

Ability to remain human while also adding digital value to RealCRO & clients brand & business mix by improving systems, business efficiency and reducing costs.

Proven IT project management and supplier experience
Experienced at creating IT value and operating and influencing at a strategic level
Basic knowledge and technical understanding of UX design, SEO & digital advertising
Demonstrable experience of leading an IT engineering function with a proven track record in delivering effective IT engineering strategies, policies, processes and systems is a plus
Ability to multitask


1- Manage RealCRO IT projects and develop & maintain client digital properties directly
2- Engineer & oversee major projects working with selected niche experts
3- Assembling & managing A IT teams
4- Lead the IT development of RealCRO owned media projects
5- Break the silos and work cross-departments to ensure project consistency
6- Focus on finding IT solutions to enhance RealCRO & Clients operational efficiency
7- Document, archive, monitor, analise & report on projects status, objectives & needs
8- Develop RealCRO IT project processes and best practices


You find solutions to problems and although you do not like those who have a problem for every solution you know how to prevent & deal with such situation effectively when they arise.

You master several programing languages like JavaScript, PHP, HTML/CSS, SQL, Python or Java but you do not feel the need to look down others who don't. (-;

Curious by nature, you know that knowledge needs to be cultivated and you also know that while degrees and certifications assess a technical capacity it is our attitude that enables us all to achieve our full potential.

The most important for us is to hire resilient, self-aware and motivated professionals who know that certain currencies like trust, respect & attention can only be traded by the exact same currencies.

A shiny resume with fancy school names & degrees is fantastic but remember that we hire great human beings and not just their resumes so we want to know the "Real" you.


Why RealCRO?

We look to create an environment where people can unit in diversity and which allows for individual and collective development.
We also believe that mistakes aren't mistakes unless we repeat them and that as Ryunoske Satoro once said: "Individually, we are one drop but together, we are an ocean.”


Hybrid but full-time


Tangible growth development. As an independent and self-funded company, when people perform, RealCRO grows and when RealCRO grows, everyone benefits.

Exciting projects can always translate to entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial opportunities for those who want to create reciprocal opportunities with us.

Attractive packages, no sorry...not Tech giants pay much better when they do not layoff half of their work force over night...!

We offer something else that relies on trust, stability and collective intelligence to those who make these things reciprocal.


Paid vacations

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2-16-1 #903 9F New Shinbashi Building Shinbashi

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