【Yokohama】Engineering Manager, Bilingual (EN/JP)

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日本, 神奈川県 IT 正社員
6010 | プレイエブリウェアジャパン合同会社 | 投稿 2024/02/14
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At PlayEveryWare (プレイエブリウェア), no two projects are exactly alike. We bring games to previous and current generation consoles and work on cutting edge technology. Each project brings exciting new technical challenges and opportunities to learn, adapt, and grow. We invite you to join our team of experienced industry veterans to stretch the limits of your skills and push your expertise into new areas with these unique projects.

As an Engineering Manager at PlayEveryWare, you'll play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our engineering team. Your responsibilities extend beyond project management to actively fostering the growth and development of each team member. You'll be instrumental in recruiting top talent, ensuring that our team not only maintains its high standards but also continues to evolve with the industry's best. Additionally, you'll be charged with continually assessing and refining our engineering processes. This role requires a balance of technical expertise, leadership acumen, and a visionary approach to team development and process innovation. Your contributions will directly impact the efficiency, effectiveness, and culture of our engineering team, making you a key driver of our continued success in the dynamic world of game development.

If you excel in leading teams towards innovative solutions, are adept at navigating and improving complex systems, and possess exceptional strategic, technical, and communication skills, we invite you to lead our team to new heights.

This opportunity is for a full-time, benefits eligible position in Yokohama, Japan.


- BA/BS or MS Degree (if you require a work visa)
- Fluent English & Japanese skills
- 5+ years of experience in the games industry or 10+ years in a related field, demonstrating strong leadership and success in diverse codebases
- Deep proficiency in C/C++ and familiarity with multiplatform development
- 2+ years of experience with Unreal Engine (UE4/UE5)
- Expertise in Perforce and Git version control systems
- Excellent problem-solving, organizational, and communication skills
- Proven ability in project risk management, task organization, and milestone operationalization
- Strong adaptability, task management, and delegation skills
- Experience developing on game consoles and proficient in debugging across multiple devices
- BA/BS or MS in Computer Science, or equivalent experience
- Commitment to studio values, including active listening, empathy, and servant leadership
- Vast technical knowledge across multiple engineering disciplines

Nice to have:
- 2+ years of professional experience with Unity and a strong command of C#
- Experience shipping at least one high-profile or professional game title in UE4
- Development experience on current-generation game consoles, with a history of leading engineering teams in console development


- Guide and mentor software engineers from multiple teams, fostering an environment of growth and development
- Work with technical leads to help them guide the architecture, design, and development of software systems, ensuring alignment with project goals and company standards
- Manage project timelines, resources, and deliverables in collaboration with other departments
- Conduct code reviews and maintain high standards of code quality and system reliability
- Facilitate effective communication and collaboration within the team and with external partners
- Develop and implement strategies for continuous improvement in development processes and team performance
- Foster leadership and ownership throughout the studio
- Guide teams in problem-solving and decision-making for technical challenges
- Contribute to the recruitment, hiring, and onboarding of engineers
- Contribute to fostering a healthy satisfied team and sustainable company culture that is aligned with the company’s values
- Cultivate a proactive work culture and lead by example to anticipate challenges, streamline processes, and ensure timely resolution of issues


This role's compensation rates are based on experience.


- Enrollment in Japanese Social Insurance and Pension
- 20 days of paid vacation time from the day you start
- 7 days of sick/personal days
- Weekends off, as well as observation of all Japanese national holidays and winter holidays
- Commuting allowance of up to 25,000 yen, to and from the office
- Anti-Crunch Committment from Leadership
- Company events and SWAG
- Visa sponsorship available

国 / 地域
Park View Yokohama 2F, 1-17-1 Aioicho, Naka Ward, Yokohama

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