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Ensures the implementation of the Retail Excellence Trainings with main focus on Customer Service and Store Management, liaising with the local Retail Team and with following the HQ Retail Excellence Department.

Is responsible that all the necessary in-store coaching activities are correctly implemented and performed in all the Stores under responsibility


・Local refer- Needs to be a good coach to the stores.
・Solid project planner, for organizing the training cycle.
・Have the potential to become a good trainer
・Act as a solid coach to the stores
・Identifies training needs and is able to follow-up with proposals intended to develop retail staff’s competences
・Ensures all staff is properly and timely trained on the topics defined by the Corporate (implementation/delivery)
・Provides effective contribution to customizing corporate trainings in light of local requirements
・Ensures expected retail standards are implemented and maintained, sharing vision and goals with the Retail Manager
・Delivers training himself/herself and supports other internal trainers in terms of methodology and training purpose
・Monitors Retail Staff’s competences through the analysis of Mystery Shopping reports and works out training proposals accordingly
・Follows-up on training initiatives in order to guarantee top level customers service and proper management, directly providing coaching on the job, when needed


・Supports the local Visual and Product staff in the implementation of all the product training programs and verifies that the roll-out schedule is respected
・Designs focused orientation plans addressed to new hires
・Guarantees all staff on board shares the adequate level of brand awareness through corporate induction
・Takes care of the entire process of training organization
・Keeps contacts with local referents of training suppliers
・Manages the training budget


・In store expertise and client management practice are requested
・Specific training skills in terms of techniques, contents design, organization, and roll-out: previous experience as a trainer is required: needs analysis/design/delivery
・Good understanding of the retail business, of the client profile and of his expectations
・Background in luxury retail is a plus
・Aware of the dynamics and strategies as well as the daily routine on the shop floor (which turns out into a good mix of managerial vision and down-to-earth approach)
・Strongly motivated and initiative oriented
・Sincere interest in people development
・Excellent interpersonal relationship skills
・Passionate and energetic, communicates self- confidence and reliability
・Well-organized and confident in managing budget tools, database and figures.
・Education: University degree or equivalent culture
・Seniority (year): at least 6 years of experience
・English fluency is a must

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