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rinna is an AI company with the vision of "Co-creation world between humans and AI". Our strength lies in the research and development of generative AI models for text, voice, images, and video, as well as data analysis using artificial intelligence. Using various AI technologies that are the result of our research, we work with our partners to develop and provide solutions to solve various business issues. We also aim to create a rich world in which people and AI can live together through our diverse AI characters, which we have created based on the technology of our flagship AI character "Rinna".

60 employees

Our Mission

"Awaken your creativity with AI characters and make the world colorful.” The power to create in one’s own way is a nature within each of us. We will awaken this power with AI Characters born from reliable technologies and lead to a breakthrough in how people connect and communicate. We aim to bring a colorful world in which all people can be themselves and live the life they desire.

Our Culture: Equality, Diversity, and Trust

Equality means being free to express your opinion, regardless of position or hierarchy. We strive to create an atmosphere and encourage everyone to speak freely to avoid having people in senior level positions do all the talking during the meeting.

Diversity, which leads to equality, means that everyone respects each other's opinions, positions, and backgrounds. rinna started with people of various nationalities, genders, educational backgrounds, and work backgrounds. Diversity is a culture that we want to cherish very much from now on because it is a company with a blank canvas as its history and we can form it correctly by having all the collective insights of everyone from different walks of life.

Trust, which also leads to equality and diversity, means that you can disagree, have conflicting interests, but ultimately help each other. As diverse people do something together, conflicts of opinion are inevitable, but it is only with trust that we can argue with confidence. We strive to instill respect in everybody to earn trust and develop professional relationships with one another.

Message from HR

rinna is looking for people to join the team to work together on our mission to "Awaken your creativity with AI characters and make the world colorful".

The kind of person we are looking for are as follows:

We are looking for people who are able to think about their own goals and roles, and act with a strong will, even in an environment where markets and businesses are changing at a rapid pace.

◦Interest in AI
rinna researches and develops its own AI technology and provides it as a service. We are looking for people who are interested in AI and new technologies, not only in technical positions but also in business positions.

◦Team players
At rinna, members with diverse expertise work in both Japanese and English. We are looking for people who respect people with different backgrounds and can communicate proactively.

Join us and change the world with the power of AI. We are looking forward to hearing from people that shares our vision, believe in the future of AI, and are motivated to impact many people with the products you create.

Where is rinna's office located?
〒150-0002 Tokyo-to, Shibuya-ku, Shibuya, 2-Chome 24-12, Shibuya Scramble Square
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