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WEARE Pacific is an integrated industrial group created by family-owned manufacturing companies in the Aerospace, Defense, Automotive and Medical industries. Combining all the processes of the elementary parts fabrication, the group brings industrial solutions, being expert in Material sourcing, Turning, Milling, Additive manufacturing, Surface treatments and other special processes. Today the footprint includes Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia in addition to the WeAre Group’s European and Gulf industrial parks for a total of 27 factories and 2000 people worldwide.
Striving for manufacturing excellence, WEARE Pacific has a strong vision and agile methods of execution. While the company has transformed through recent external growth, many challenges ask to be taken by motivated talents, result oriented and with strong entrepreneurial spirit. In a context of development, every day is a challenge where there is room for autonomy and opportunities.

WEARE Pacific now accepts mid to long term interns!
You search for an industrial company where to learn from experts and build up your skills.
You want to participate to something meaningful and bring your value as an individual.

We have many opportunities within the group, in many different countries so do not hesistate to drop your resume as well as your field and available time in the below application.

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