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日本, 東京都 営業 B2B (法人…) 正社員
2808 | Food-e 株式会社 | 投稿 2021/06/21

Food-e K.K. is a fast-growing delivery app founded and headquartered in Tokyo serving a fast-growing curated selection of high-end gourmet restaurants, some of them Michelin-starred, many having never found the right delivery partner before FOOD-E. Well-known institutions such as NOBU, the Tokyo American Club, the Grand Hyatt Tokyo or Chez Olivier as well as smaller establishments such as Akasaka Toda or Sushi Yuu are some of our exclusive partners.

To support our further growth and geographical expansion plans, Food-e is seeking an Account Manager.

As an Account Manager, you will be the voice of our customers and restaurants inside the Food-e core team and thus directly impact strategy, marketing, and software development of both our consumer and restaurant facing apps.

Your primary responsibility will be to take over the important restaurant onboarding process, taking a r...

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日本, 東京都 営業 B2B (法人…) 正社員
2807 | Food-e 株式会社 | 投稿 2021/06/21








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日本, 東京都 ゼネラルマネージメント 正社員 10,000,000円 - 15,000,000円 / 年収
2720 | Food-e 株式会社 | 投稿 2021/05/27

Food-e K.K. (Food-e 株式会社) is a fast-growing gourmet restaurant delivery app serving many of the best restaurants and luxury hotels in Tokyo. Launched in October 2020, Food-e has an exclusive group of top restaurants and hotels such as Nobu Tokyo, Grand Hyatt and Shangri La. To support our further growth and geographical expansion plans, Food-e is seeking a COO with experience in consumer-related e-commerce, both in terms of logistics and marketing.

You should be a native Japanese speaker with strong English skills and be responsible for ensuring operational excellence across the organization. Your primary goal will be to increase our organization's productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

For this opportunity, you will help run the company on a daily basis and report to the CEO, helping to lead a growing, internationally diverse group of employees.

eコマース マーケティング ブランディング デザイン ソーシャルメディア コンテンツ 東京 スタートアップ デジタル デジタルマーケティング コピーライター 第二新卒 若手 VirtualCareerEvent
日本, 東京都 デジタル / WEB / Eコマース / CRM 正社員 4,000,000円 - 7,000,000円 / 年俸
2719 | Food-e 株式会社 | 投稿 2021/05/27

Food-eは、ラグジュアリーに食品とテクノロジーを融合させて急速に成長しているスタートアップ企業です。私たちのアプリは、Uber Eats や Wolt 、FoodPanda … に似ています。しかし、NobuやBenoitのような東京の一流レストランのグルメな料理をデリバリーしています。

急速な成長に伴い、国際色豊かなチームに加わって活躍していただける、フルタイムのマーケティング&コミュニケーション スペシャリストを求めています。若手の方も大歓迎です!

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日本, 東京都 デジタル / WEB / Eコマース / CRM 正社員 4,000,000円 - 7,000,000円 / 年俸
2718 | Food-e 株式会社 | 投稿 2021/05/27

Food-e (Food-e 株式会社) is a fast-pace growing start-up at the intersection of Luxury, Food and Technology. Our software app works in a similar way as services like Uber Eats, Wolt, FoodPanda ... except that we focus on helping deliver gourmet meals from Tokyo’s top restaurants such as Nobu and Benoit to VIPs and central Tokyo residents.

As we are growing rapidly, we are looking for a full-time Marketing and Communications assistant specialist with Digital Marketing experience to join our multicultural and multilingual team.