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上場企業 OTA 旅行 コールセンター VirtualCareerEvent
Japan, Tokyo Other Full-Time
4647 | Group Co., Ltd. | Posted 2022-11-08

Core Responsibilities
We are looking for Business Coaches for Flight Products, who will be responsible for the nesting period of coaching new advisors, and improving the service standards and internal knowledge of existing advisors. You will also be trained to be a trainer (TTT) who can deliver classroom training. By utilizing your expertise and knowledge, collaborating with trainers, both Trainers and Business Coaches will work seamlessly together and provide the best training support to all the advisors of IBU CSC.

上場企業 OTA 旅行 人事 採用 VirtualCareerEvent
Japan, Tokyo HR & Recruitment Full-Time
4646 | Group Co., Ltd. | Posted 2022-11-08


上場企業 OTA 旅行 コールセンター VirtualCareerEvent
Japan, Tokyo Administration / Office Support Full-Time ¥3,600,000 - ¥4,500,000 / Annual (Bonus & Benefits Excluded)
4527 | Group Co., Ltd. | Posted 2022-09-28


Creatinga better everyday life for the many people includes creating a better everydaylife for our co-workers. We are down-to-earth and we care about the reality ofour people.

Therole of the People & Culture Specialist is to establish as a greatplace to work by attracting people who live our values, who are experts in lifeat home and who care about customers. The assignment is also to support thebusiness in ensuring development for all co-workers, inspiring them to performand grow with

Asa People & Culture Specialist you are expected to work closely with localmanagers and HR team to ensure policies and practice are working in the mostefficient way for the business and effective for employee engagement.

Youwill be in contact with various stakeholders on a daily basis.

Japan, Tokyo Customer service Full-Time ¥4,000,000 - ¥6,000,000 / Annual (Bonus & Benefits Excluded)
4526 | Group Co., Ltd. | Posted 2022-09-28

About Us
Our company is a leading one-stop travel service provider consisting of 4 brands. Across its platforms, Our company enables local partners and travelers around the world to make informed and cost-effective bookings for travel products and services, through aggregation of comprehensive travel-related information and resources, and an advanced transaction platform consisting of mobile apps, Internet websites, and 24/7 customer service centers. Founded in 1999 and listed on Nasdaq in 2003, Our company has become one of the largest travel companies in the world in terms of gross merchandise value.

東京 OTA バイリンガール ハリウッドリモートワーク 上場企業 外資系 VirtualCareerEvent
Japan, Tokyo Customer service Full-Time ¥3,240,000 - ¥5,400,000 / Annual (Bonus & Benefits Excluded)
3896 | Group Co., Ltd. | Posted 2022-03-29